Work Directly with Freelancers in the UK

Discover Freelance allows business and entrepreneurs to work directly with
skilled freelancers, without any third-party faff.

This means you can enjoy streamlined and straightforward working relationships directly
with your freelancers. Unlike many freelance platforms, we ensure our freelancers
receive 100% of the payment and charge our clients no additional third-party fees.

Our freelancers are all based in the UK, which means you don't need to worry about
language barriers or time differences. It also means that UK contractors and freelancers are
given a fair opportunity to work with UK businesses and entrepreneurs without being undercut
by freelancers overseas.

Qualified and Cost-Effective Freelancer in UK
  • Cost-Effective

    Avoid employer's tax, National Insurance, pension,
    and annual leave costs when you work with freelancers.
  • Adhoc Freelancers

    Work with freelancers on an ad-hoc basis.
    You'll be invoiced, directly by your freelancer, and won't be tied down to contracts.
  • Qualified Professionals

    Our platform is filled with UK qualified and
    experienced professional freelancers.

The Only UK Freelance Platform You Need

The demand for freelancers in the UK has risen massively over the past 5 years, and with
over 2 million freelancers in the UK, it can be difficult to find who you need.

That's why, at Discover Freelance, we make it easy for businesses, entrepreneurs, and
freelancers to connect. Find the right people for you with relevant talent, experience, and qualifications.

As well as making it easy for businesses to find the talent they need, we also give
freelancers the exposure they deserve. When you join Discover Freelance, you open
yourself up to opportunities with SMEs, large corporations, and entrepreneurs accross several industries.

Benefits for Business

UK only freelancers mean UK qualifications,
no language barriers or time differences

Get quality work from professionals
with relevant experience

Work directly with your freelancer,
no third-party fees

Work on an ad-hoc or longer-term basis, with
freelancers' availability confirmed monthly

Benefits for Freelancers

Receive 100% of the payment
with no third-party fees

UK only freelancers mean you won't be
undercut by freelancers overseas

Get exposure to SMEs, entrepreneurs,
and large corporations

Work directly with your clients

Work flexibly, based on your monthly availability

Hire a Freelancer

Freelancers Working for Clients

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