Work Directly with Freelancers in the UK

Q. Can I join Discover Freelance if I'm a freelancer based outside of the UK?
A. Unfortunately, not - all IPs outside of the UK are blocked, ensuring only those based
in the UK have access to the platform.

Q. Why do I need a LinkedIn profile to join?
A. This is part of our verification process, allow the team to approve your profile asap.

Q. Can I work directly with a freelancer?
A. Yes. We ensure our clients and freelancers can have a direct working relationship,
without any third-party costs.

Q. What are the fees for freelancers and business?
A. There are no additional fees on top of your monthly subscription.

Q. How do I create a freelance profile?
A. Simply follow this link to create your profile.

Q. What is the minimum years of experience required?
A. No minimum years' experience required - we recognise that business and
entrepreneurs look for experience at all levels.

Q. How do I get paid for my works completed?
A. The same way you would invoice your clients outside of Discover Freelance.

Q. How do I know whether the freelancer is available?
A. All availability for freelancers is confirmed monthly.


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